“As coach to Gold and Silver medallists at the London 2012 Olympics I am always seeking to increase my athletes' performance. I understand the importance of training the breathing muscles and have used RespiBelt to achieve these results, improving my athletes' running economy and endurance. RespiBelt is a great breathing training aid and I will continue to champion its use in my coaching to world class athletes.”
Alberto Salazar, Coach, Nike Oregon Project.

“As an elite athlete – you want to get every extra percent out of training and I believe that RespiBelt will help to do just that.”
“10/10 for respiratory training!”
“Doesn’t restrict performance and increases training benefits.”
Richie Dawson-Smith - Great Britain U21 Hockey, England U21 Hockey, Junior Youth Olympian.

“I can’t believe there is nothing else like it on the market!”
“Long term training benefits are apparent - I am now a RespiBelt believer.”
“I’ll be sure to breaking PB’s with the use of RespiBelt.”
Conor McLaughlin - Irish Schools Champion – 400mH. Loughborough University Athlete

“The scientific evidence supporting RespiBelt proves that it is the most ground-breaking product on the market for Respiratory Training.”
“The product is innovative and I am excited to receive the training benefits from its use for my performance.”
Joshua Cardwell - 2011 British Universities Olympic Distance Champion (Gold). 2011 British Universities Sprint Distance – Silver Medallist. 2011 National Relays – Gold Medallist. 2009 British Junior Championship – Silver Medallist.

“Innovative training which improves respiratory training and performance for athletes.”
“Easy to use and definitely affected my breathing and performance during sessions.”
Nathan Wake - Ranked 1st in the U20 age group over 400m. AAA National Athletics Championships U20 400m – Gold. 2010 World Junior Championships U20 4x400m – Bronze.

“I would recommend RespiBelt to anyone who wants to gain extra benefits to their cardiovascular workout.”
“It’s easy to use and comfortable – whilst being applicable to many activities.”
Niall Flannery - GB Athlete at European U20 Championships. GB Athlete at European U23 Championships. British Universities Champion (400m).

 “A novel idea of a product – definitely feel the extra load applied and the greater intensity it brings to aerobic activity.”
“I really felt the difference after using the RespiBelt. You can feel it exercising the breathing muscles and it’s a product which benefits my training.”
Nick Howard - UK Athletics – 800m.

“RespiBelt performs its purpose excellently. Restricted my breathing to the extent to where my training sessions were significantly intensified.”
“Highly recommend the product to all athletes.”
Simon Merrill - GB Junior & England Representative – Sprint Hurdles. Senior England Championships – Medallist. UK Senior Championships – Medallist.

“It would benefit every athlete looking to improve, an excellent product that looks great and well made – overall a great training aid.”
“9/10 for performance functionality.”
David Condon - GB U21 Hockey. England U21 Hockey.

 “Excellent product that gives you the edge in training – I can feel it working straight away.”
“Extremely beneficial to training.”
Emma Lowry - U23 AAA Pentathlon - Bronze Medallist.

“I would certainly recommend this product to other athletes.”
“Simple design allows ease of use and can help develop breathing muscles which will inevitably increase performance.”
Chris Perry - #1 UK Ranking – 2k Steeplechase. British Athlete.

“Perfect for those athletes that want to get the most out of themselves. Cost effective way to do so, without having to pay huge costs for sports specific physiology testing.”
“Beneficial to training and performance.”
David Bishop - British Universities Triathlon Champion. International GB Triathlete (U23/Senior Representative). 12th World Junior Elite Duathlon Championships. National Club Relays - Gold Medallist.

“RespiBelt is a natural progression from Power Breathe in that it takes the same principles of restricting oxygen flow, hence making the intercostal muscles work much harder and become stronger in the training environment. It is easy to work, light, affordable comes in different sizes and does not hinder training and is a welcome addition for athletes who cannot to go to altitude or afford an altitude tent.”
Dave Sunderland - England Athletics Endurance Coach Mentor (800m-5k including Steeplechase).

“A fantastic respiratory training device and definitely should be essential to any aerobic training.”
“Comfortable and Lightweight – with the good potential to improve breathing efficiency.”
Christopher Harvey - UK Athletics – U23: 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m.

“Useful training aid – which can provide much needed physiological and psychological benefits.”
“Training with the belt makes you get more from each session – which helps you when you go into competition.”
Ian Rawlinson - 3000m Steeplechase. Scottish Senior International Athlete.